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There's nothing new about gambling. Most people at some time have gambled in one way or another. Even children compete in dares in games of chance. As a rule, I find that most people are competitive to a degree. Therefore, it is no surprise that gambling has become such a highlight among the people. Also, with the legalization of casinos in so many more states now, more and more people are close enough to visit and enjoy the experience.

The trick in gambling is to win the money, pocket the money and leave the casino, an ability that eludes a lot of people. Anyone can find numerous articles in magazines giving them insight into strategies for the different games, which I admit are helpful, but learning all the strategy possible doesn't make the person who leaves the casino with less money than he or she brought feel any better. I've decided the best way to help my readers is to tell you how to lose money at the casino, which is really quite easy.

Rule 1. Bring more money to the casino that you can afford to lose. Of course, like most people, you will assume you'll just play some of it and stop when you've lost the allotted amount. On the other hand, your mind may play that little trick of thinking it's got to hit soon, slotoff.com and before you know it, you've slid another few dollars into that convenient slot. I Rule 2. Visit the casinos at the busiest times available, such as the first weekend after paydays.

Casinos love these days and will gladly cash payroll checks for the patrons. Of course, this also applies to income tax refund checks. Not only will the casino be so busy you have to search for a place to play, but the machines seem to know better than to pay off on these days. Rule 3. Fall for every drawing and contest the casino sends you. This way you'll be in the casino with hundreds of other people there for the drawing, which means buffet lines will be long, parking will be difficult and chairs will be occupied.

Needless to say, you'll see fewer jackpots hit. Rule 4. Play penny video machines because you're not playing as much money. Penny video slot games are a relatively new idea the gaming industry invented which are like adult video games. The concept sounds great. Why not? It's just pennies. Every penny machine has a number of lines on it, and the player selects how many lines and how much to bet per line. And sure enough, you're betting penny amounts.

These video games are fun and most have some sort of bonus game which makes the game even more exciting. What the player doesn't realize is that most of the time your return on your money is much less than you are betting, and unless you get extremely lucky (which is really our goal in a casino, isn't it), more than likely you'll never recoup your initial investment. Rule 5. Always assume because a machine that is giving you some credits along is going to continue to do so.

Credits are what the machine gives you on the machine when you insert the money, and depending on what denomination you're playing, keeping track can be a bit tricky. So, of course, you wouldn't want to keep track. If you're playing video poker or a regular slot machine and it continues to hit a few hundred credits here and there, you can just feel in your bones that it's going to hit something big pretty soon. So keep playing and eventually you'll give them back the credits they gave you and probably some additional money.

Rule 6. Hit a jackpot and think Wow, now, I'm playing on their money! That's a great one because occasionally it will happen that you wander up to a machine at just the right time and win a sizeable amount of money. Most of us tend to forget how much money we lost the last time we visited a casino and feel this is a windfall. This is an adrenalin rust that will keep you running from machine to machine all night thinking this is your lucky night.

Rule 7. Watch me drink. A lot of the casinos offer free drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, to the patrons while they're playing. Of course, we know in our minds that the more we drink, the more careless we'll become, but oftentimes we check reason at the door of the casino when we come in anyway, so we guzzle until we totally lose control of how much money we have lost. This is easily the case of the patron who is staying in the casino hotel and knows driving won't be a problem.

Rule 8. Play cards until you break the bank.
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